Are you interested in a specific sonic service? Perhaps you are looking for a sound branding for your company, a sound design for a movie you are working on or a podcast producer. Rasmus Nordholt-Frieling has a dramaturgically motivated thinking and does content-sensitive and aware editing for your production. 
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Breathing Psoas

Performance film by Anja Plonka
The film Breathing Psoas designs a speculative-utopian body and a togetherness of man and nature. The breath and field recordings open fragmentary atmospheres of pain and transformation. The film was screened at numerous international festivals and conferences and received the award for best sound design at the film festival in Göttingen, Germany
Concept, aristic director, performance, 2nd camera, cut: Anja Plonka; Camera: Anna Ziegler; Sounddesign: Rasmus Nordholt-Frieling; On location sound and dramaturgical Support: Marko Stefanovic; Dramaturgical Support: Annais Rödel; Assistance: Markus Jendrosch. Foto: Filmstill Breathing Psoas.

Fräulein Nette Unterwegs

Following the footsteps of Karen Duve's novel Fräulein Nettes kurzer Sommer (Miss Nette's Short Summer), we discover the horse country of Westphalia through literature. Together with many other artists, the author and singer Bettina Bruns will travel from Hülshoff Castle to Bökerhof and back again – bringing music, texts and conversations with them: a traveling festival, a traveling circus of a special kind! Rasmus Nordholt-Frieling directed the podcast episodes, supervised the mobile studio and did the sound design for the production.
Idea and ride: Karen Duve and Bettina Bruns; Curation: Miriam Michel; Direction and production podcast: Rasmus Nordholt-Frieling. Foto: Rasmus Nordholt-Frieling.

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